The Webster's Universal Dictionary meaning of "Outsourcing" is: "A company or person that provides information; to find a supplier or service, to identify a source". It is very important to be clear about what is meant by outsourcing. Outsourcing essentially refers to how things are done rather than what is done. It describes how for example IT services are obtained; not what the services are.

Very simply outsourcing can be defined as a process in which a company delegates some of its in-house operations/processes to a third party. Thus outsourcing is a contracting transaction through which one company purchases services from another while keeping ownership and ultimate responsibility for the underlying processes. The clients inform their provider what they want and how they want the work performed. So the client can authorize the provider to operate as well as redesign basic processes in order to ensure even greater cost and efficiency benefits.

The training is planned in such way that it will improve the performance of the candidate during campus recruitment. It gives you a clear understanding of needs of employers and helps you to work on your interpersonal skills, enables you to identify yourself to bring out the spark in you.

The training is designed by our personality development & communication Institute iCan and HR consultancy and recruitment service Vertical-Slab.

Quick view of our Campus Placement training program ingredient

Professional Resume writing and common mistake corrections
Psychometric and Aptitude Test
Group Discussion
Various Types of interview prepration
Interaction with industry experts
Soft Skills and Business Etiquettes